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  • Paikka: Surfers Paradise, QLD
  • Tuotekoodi: MYSWAL

Embark on the Ultimate Mystery Tour:

Picture a day filled with intrigue, where every detail remains shrouded in mystery.

  • The destination? Unknown.
  • The menu? A mystery.
  • Your adventure? A secret waiting to unfold.

We won't even reveal the vehicle picking you up—only rest assured, we'll be there.

Pack your curiosity and leave the rest to us.

Before the journey, we'll ask you specific questions in our 'Adventure Profile Survey' to ensure you'll enjoy your day. We want to know your likes, dislikes and all about your recent escapades. Your input shapes the clandestine path we'll tread.

One certainty: We will feed you: morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. Enjoy, relax, and anticipate a day where the unexpected becomes the norm.

Dare to venture into uncharted territory, do things you've never done. Our mystery tour is your passport to the unknown.


An exclusive feature: the "Where's Wally" challenge. On every tour, Wally will make an appearance. Spot him, capture a photo, and enter to win a free mystery trip. The draw takes place at each tour's end, adding an extra layer of suspense.

But wait, there's more! We specialize in unearthing hidden gems, quirky oddities, unique experiences, one-off events, and seasonal surprises. Whether it's an off-the-beaten-path discovery, a pop-up event, an impromptu find, or a seaside escape to a rainforest retreat, we've got it covered.

From farm days to animal encounters, food and drink tastings, old-world charms to new-fangled technology, we consider everything to bring you a fun experience to lock into your core memory files.

Join us. Embrace the mystery. It's a journey like no other, where surprises are the norm and memories are made in the most unexpected places.


Got Questions: Sure you do! See our FAQ's below.

Something we haven't covered. Contact us with your question.


  • How do I prepare for the mystery tour? You'll receive a pre-departure email which will advise you on clothing choices, we recommend bringing a sense of adventure. Check your email for pre-departure information, including weather updates and any specific requirements.
  • What will we be doing during the tour?That's part of the mystery! The itinerary is formed based on the group preferences and could include almost anything. Be prepared for surprises at every turn. Remaining open to new experiences and ideas is recommended. Push your pessimism aside for the day and embrace the positive side of life. You may find you enjoy something you never considered before.
  • Will I know where we're going?No, the destination remains a mystery until the day unfolds. Embrace the unknown and let the adventure surprise you.
  • Are flights included? No, flights are not included in the mystery day tour. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the designated departure point. The mystery tour will commence from the specified location, and details will be provided in the pre-departure communication.
  • Where is the Mystery Tour located? The Mystery Tour explores various locations, including but not limited to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Coast, Scenic Rim, Darling Downs, and their surrounding areas. The specific departure point and destinations for each tour will be revealed in the pre-departure communication. Generally we depart from Gold Coast and Brisbane for our day tours.  Get ready to unlock the mystery!  We hope to roll out our Mystery Tour to other capital cities soon. Let us know if you're interested in a certain location and we'll give you an eta.
  • What time does the tour start and end?
  • The exact start and end times of the mystery tour may vary based on the personalized itinerary. Participants will receive detailed information, including the departure time and estimated return time, in the pre-departure communication. Please keep an eye on your email for these important details.
  • Will I be able to communicate with my family while on the tour? Yes, you will have opportunities to communicate with your family during the tour. We recommend bringing your mobile phone, and in case of any location-specific considerations, our team will provide information on connectivity and communication options. Additionally, emergency contact details will be provided for added peace of mind.
  • How are dietary preferences accommodated?We gather information about your likes and dislikes during the booking process to tailor meals accordingly. Rest assured, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea are included.
  • What type of vehicle will pick us up?The mystery extends to transportation. While we won't reveal the exact vehicle, rest assured, it will be comfortable and ready to whisk you away on your adventure.
  • How long will we be driving for? The duration of driving varies based on the personalized itinerary crafted for your mystery tour. Rest assured, we aim to balance travel time with immersive experiences at each destination. While we cannot provide an exact timeframe due to the nature of the mystery tour, we prioritize creating a well-paced and enjoyable journey for all participants
  • Is the tour suitable for families? While the mystery tour is designed to cater to a wide audience, including families, we recommend the experience for participants aged 18 and above. However, we understand the appeal for family adventures, so we've reserved the Sunday tour of every month to be suitable for all ages. Families can enjoy the mystery together, creating shared memories on this unique journey. Please note: pricing is based on transport seating, so there is not always a child suppliment price available.
  • What happens if I can't find "Where's Wally"?Don't worry; it's all part of the fun! Whether or not you spot Wally, you still get to enjoy the mystery tour. The photo contest is an optional bonus. There is an opportunity to spot Wally on every tour.
  • Are there restroom breaks during the tour?Yes, we plan for restroom breaks and ensure comfort throughout the journey.
  • How do I enter the draw for the free mystery trip?Simply capture a photo of "Where's Wally" during the tour and share it with us on social media and to your tour guide (you'll be given a link to share your photo). You'll automatically be entered into the draw, with winners announced at the end of each tour. Good luck!
  • How can I be sure of my safety during the mystery tour? Your safety is our top priority. Rest assured, we take every precaution to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience. Our team is well-trained, and our activities are carefully curated to prioritize safety.
  • I'm buying this as a gift; can the recipient answer the Adventure Profile Survey after I purchase the mystery tour? Absolutely! We understand the element of surprise for gift recipients. The Adventure Profile Survey can be answered after the purchase. We'll work closely with the recipient to gather the necessary information for a personalized and enjoyable mystery tour experience. Just ensure they have the details and are ready for an adventure!
  • What if I'm uncomfortable with certain activities?Your comfort is essential to us. We will never ask you to do anything you're not comfortable with. Our Adventure Profile Survey helps us understand your preferences, and you can opt in and out of activities as you please.
  • How do you assess what activities are suitable for participants?The Adventure Profile Survey is designed to gauge your preferences and limitations. If, for example, you don't enjoy heights, we won't include activities involving heights in your itinerary. Allergic to cats, let us know, so we won't throw you in the Lions den!
  • Can I opt out of certain activities during the tour? Yes, However we encourage you to try it! Step out of your comfort zone.  You can however, choose to participate or skip activities based on your comfort level. We want this mystery tour to be enjoyable for everyone.
  • How do you ensure I'm not revisiting a location I went to recently?Our Adventure Profile Survey is thorough and designed to gather information about your recent whereabouts. We take this into consideration when planning the itinerary, ensuring you explore new and exciting destinations. However, we only have the information you provide us with
  • How detailed should my answers be in the Adventure Profile Survey?The more detailed, the better! The questionnaire helps us tailor the mystery tour to your preferences. Be thorough in letting us know your likes, dislikes, recent travels, and anything else that might enhance your experience.
  • What happens if I don't want to answer certain questions in the Adventure Profile Survey? While we encourage detailed responses for a personalized experience, you can choose to skip questions if you're not comfortable answering them. However, the more information we have, the better we can tailor the tour to your liking. Or perhaps you like to leave it all a mystery - my friend - you are on the right tour!
  • Can I bring my own snacks or meals on the tour? While our tour includes morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea, you're welcome to bring your snacks or meals if you have specific dietary preferences or requirements. Just let us know in advance.
  • Is transportation provided back to the original departure point? Yes, the tour concludes by returning to the original departure point, ensuring a seamless and convenient end to your mysterious adventure.
  • How do I contact someone in case of an emergency during the tour? You'll be provided with emergency contact information before the tour begins. Our team is readily available to address any concerns or emergencies that may arise. Your safety and peace of mind are our priorities.
  • What about the weather?Weather conditions will be considered in the planning of your mystery tour, and we'll provide relevant information in the pre-departure communication. Please check your email for updates and suggested clothing based on the forecast. In case of unexpected weather changes during the tour, our team will make adjustments to ensure your safety and comfort.
  • Is there a Mystery Tour Weekend option? Yes, we offer a Mystery Tour Weekend option for those seeking an extended adventure. On select dates only. Contact us for scheduled dates.
  • What are the group sizes?The group sizes for all tours, including weekends, are capped at 12 participants. However, please note that a minimum of 4 participants is required for the tour to proceed. So gather your friends and family for an unforgettable mystery weekend!
  • Is the tour suitable for individuals with wheelchairs?The general tour is not always fully suitable for wheelchair access due to varying destinations and activities. However, we are committed to accommodating all participants. Please contact us in advance to discuss. This will allow us to consider your individual requirements and make adjustments. 
  • I am prone to Motion Sickness/Sea Sickness - We encourage participants to plan accordingly for a comfortable experience. We will provide advice to take necessary precautions, such as using travel calm if the tour involves water-based activities etc.   We cannot allocated front seats in our vehicles.  Discuss your concerns with us.