Scenic Flight Alice Springs

From AUD $249.00
  • Duration: 45 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Connellan, NT
  • Product code: ASPHOTLAP

This is your chance to see the views of Alice Springs and the surrounding region from a completely different view. 

Alice Springs is surrounded by the MacDonnell Ranges. Running in an East West direction the ranges extend for a distance of 642km.

Over a 150 million year period the Ranges were gradually pushed up over this time to stand as tall, if not taller than the Himalayas. Millions of years ago Australia was very close to the equator and the landscape consisted of a tropical rainforest. Frequent violent tropical storms pounded the mountain range over millions of years and hence it has eroded.

To the Arrente Aboriginal people, the ranges that are close to Alice Springs (Mt Gillen and Mt Johns) are giant caterpillars (Yeperenye). The Caterpillars made their way from the West and from the East to meet at a place now called Heavitree Gap.

Witness the unique beauty of Emily Gap, Jessie Gap, Simpsons Gap and follow the ochre coloured sandstone cliffs of Mt Gillen. Arrente people believe Mt Gillen is to have been formed by the ancient Dog Spirit ancestor ‘Uk-nool-ya’.

Continue to be inspired by the natural surroundings and cultural heritage of these areas, taking in the extensive views of Alice Springs, Heavitree Gap, the Todd River and the colourful desert ranges that are a feature of this scenic flight.*

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