Reef To Rock Airlie Beach QLD to ULURU NT (Ayers Rock)

From AUD $5,900.00
  • Duration: 9 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Yeppoon, QLD
  • Product code: RE2RO

This is an amazing motorcycle tour. Across Australia from  Great Barrier Reef in Airlie Beach to Ayers Rock (Uluru)  Across half a Continent, on a motorbike. This ride is full of incredible scenery, awesome gravel roads and windy tracks. Discover the Birdsville Pub, one of the greatest outback drinking establishments in Australia! Ride a motorcycle across the Simpson, .Enjoy stunning vistas of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the biggest night sky on earth. Ride for days on end without seeing another person. Ride your dirt bike to the top of ‘Big Red’, the biggest sand dune in Australia. Ride the Finke Desert Race Track. Ride to the most remote parts on Earth! On this ride you see the ‘Real Australia’. There are no tourist buses where we take you except at Uluru. You will visit places only a few lucky people have ever seen. We were the only Across Australia Motorcycle tour operator and the first motorcycle tour company to get a permit to cross the Simpson Desert. You won’t find this experience offered anywhere else. Imagine no traffic lights for 9 Days Guaranteed.

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                   All  Inclusive Tour Cost                                                              From AU$5900

                  Bring Your Own Motorbike                                                         From AU$4900

                 Tour Difficulty out of 5                                                                 2 out of 5

                 Number of Riding Days                                                              9 Days/8Nights

                 Tour Starts                                                                                  Yulara(Uluru)or Airlie Beach

                 Tour Ends                                                                                   Airlie Beach or Yulara(Uluru)

                 Total Riding Distance                                                                  3200 Klms

                 Road/DirtRatio                                                                           10% / 90%

                 Accommodation                                                                          Bush Camping/Campground 

                 Group Size                                                                                  Minimum  8. Maximum 12

5800 Klms,   95% Dirt,   9 Days

Tour Difficulty Intermediate




Day 1                448 klms

Airlie Beach to Charles Hut

We pick you up from your hotel at 8am. After stowing all your gear in the support vehicle it’s time to get acquainted with your bike. Following a rider and safety briefing we start the the first part of the trip. Leaving Airlie Beach the first hour of riding is on bitumen road getting use to your bike. We wind our way North through Bowen then head east, up over the range and get onto the dirt road for our first part of the adventure. We wind down the other side of the range and deep into cattle country. After a lunch stop along a river bank we head of into the afternoon sun and push on further east and even deeper into cattle country. Apart from the first hour we stay on dirt tracks the rest of the day. By late afternoon we arrive at our first overnight stop at Charlies Hut for a well-earned meal, a cold beer and get the fire going and setup our first of many camps across Australia.

Day 2            406 klms

Charlies Hut to Longreach

After a big cooked breakfast we break camp and continue east towards the Thompson River. We will see kangaroos and emus all morning as we cross the Great Dividing Range and ride across the Mitchell Plains to our lunch break. As we continue along the Thompson River we enter deep into west Qld cattle country and turn south towards Longreach. If we get an early start and the riding is smooth, there will be time in Longreach to visit the Outback Hall of Fame and the QANTAS museum. In Longreach we stay at the camp grounds where a shower is welcome and dinner is at one of the local pubs.


Day 3             320 klms

Longreach to Cooper Crossing

Leaving Longreach behind us we continue along the Thompson River and wind our way along old stock routes. Lunch is on the bank of the Thompson River near Jundah. After filling our tanks we continue south along the Windorah-Jundah stock route to Windorah for a well-earned drink at the pub. Our overnight camp is just a small ride away at Coopers Crossing on the banks of Cooper Creek. Burke and Wills camped here on their ill-fated exploration of the great Australian interior.


Day 4            386 klms

Cooper Crossing to Birdsville

Leaving the cooper behind and with the early morning sun on our backs, we continue on well-formed roads towards the Betoota Hotel. The hotel was closed in 1997but the veranda is a welcome spot to have lunch out of the sun. After lunch we continue along easy dirt roads and arrive in Birdsville for a well-earned beer at the famous Birdsville Hotel. Birdsville is the last town before we head into the desert. We overnight stay at the campgrounds and dinner is at the Birdsville Hotel.


Day 5           167 klms

Birdsville to Peoppel Corner

Today we get into the Simpson Desert. After a big breakfast it’s time to say goodbye to civilization and head west into the desert. Our first dune is called “Big Red” . Here we spend some time and attempt the dune from the west. Most people make it first go if the sand is hard. Once we have had enough playing in the sand we once again turn west and continue over the 2nd of 1200 sand dunes that we cross in the next 3 days.  Heading west along the QAA line to the Northern Territory border, we then join the K1 line for an hour or so along a large salt lake then arrive at the French Line. Turning west again it’s only a few more sand dunes to our overnight stop at Peoppel Corner where the Northern Territory, South Australian and Queensland borders meet. This is our first camp in the desert and a chance to soak up the remoteness and the solitude under the biggest night sky on earth.


Day 6         8o klms

Peoppel Corner to Erabena Track

There is no hurry today as it is going to be tough enough without rushing. After a lazy breakfast and breaking camp we continue over more sand dunes and into some of the best sand riding Australia has to offer. Our lunch stop is at the Approdinna Attora Knolls which are the only hills we pass for the next couple of days. Then it’s back onto the French Line and more dunes to our overnight stay at Erabena Track Junction.


Day 7         110 klms

Erabena Track to Purnie Bore

Back onto the French Line we continue on another 300 dunes and past the Rig Road to our overnight stop and a welcome hot shower at Purnie bore.


Day 8           363 klms

Purnie Bore to Lambert Centre

After a big breakfast we leave Purnie Bore and we also leave the sand dunes behind and continue along easier tracks towards Dalhouse springs. The thermal hot springs soon sooth away the aches and pains from the days riding. The surrounding countryside changes as we start along the road of “stones” then a refuel at Mt Dare. Leaving South Australia and entering the Northern Territory we make our way north toward Finke, then turn east to our overnight stay at Lambert Centre. This is the absolute Geographic centre of Australia.

Day 9           420 klms

Lambert Centre to Yulara (Uluru Ayers Rock)

The road slowly gets better until it feels like we are on a gravel super highway. The easy riding continues to Kulgera and then after a 16 klm stint on the smooth bitumen of the Stuart Highway, we continue to Mulga Downs, then turn north to the Ayers Rock road. On our way to Yulara and after a few klms on the bitumen, Ayers Rock looms up behind the dunes.. Ayers rock stays in view all the way to Yulara Uluru (Ayers Rock)Here is the end of the tour where you can relax at the resorts or campgrounds and meet up for a farewell dinner and drink that night at Outbacks.


Tour includes

  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Motorcycle Fuel
  • All Meals
  • Single Accommodation
  • All passes and permits
  • Accredited Guides
  • 4WD Backup Truck
  • Mechanic
  • All Camping Gear




  • Simpson Desert
  • Frenchline
  • QAA line
  • Mt Dare Hotel
  • Birdsville Hotel
  • Big Red Australias biggest sand dune
  • Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  • Hot springs
  • Finke Race track