Tandem Skydive

From AUD $425.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Coolangatta, Qld
  • Product code: TS
The Gold Coast's number 1 Beach Skydive!

Skydiving is known, for very good reason, as life's ultimate thrill. It's the big daddy, the adventure and rush by which all others are measured. Amazingly, the buzz of free fall is an easy and safe experience, especially during a tandem skydiving adventure. 

*Please note. As of the 1st of November 2022 The cost of a Tandem Skydive will be
increasing to $425 per person.
This price
is to compensate the introduction of compulsory personal accident insurance (on
all passengers under 70) Which ensures you are fully covered when skydiving.
We would
prefer to include this added cost in our advertised price rather than
charging hidden fees on the day.

To book a skydive after 1st of November click on "Products" at the top left of this page and select Tandem skydive (including Insurance)

On the ground you'll be suited up in skydiving gear and your professional skydiving instructors will run through a few "dirt dives" – practice skydiving exits. You'll also be taught the skydiving basics of canopy control and safe landing procedures. Once you're confident with this skydiving knowledge you'll enjoy a 20-minute flight to an altitude of approximately 12,000 feet where, after a final check, it's time to hop out and take the quick way down – straight onto the beach! 

The beauty of tandem skydiving is that it requires none of the usual intensive skydiving training, but offers 100 per cent of the mind-blowing, 200km/hr open-air thrill. The feeling is often described as floating on a cushion of air as you hurtle 7,500 feet through the sky in 45 seconds. The skydiving parachute is deployed at around 4,500 feet, offering an intensely serene experience and one of the world's greatest views – perfect for reflecting on the high-adrenalin skydiving adventure you've just enjoyed. During the five-minute glide to earth you'll be taught to control your direction and descent speed and, once you touch down, you'll be on a high for weeks – guaranteed.

If you would like to make a booking less than 24 hours in advance you must call the office to confirm availability on 5599 1920, someone is available to help you after business hours if necessary. 

*The minimum age to skydive is 16 years old

*Please note, there must be a 24 hour gap between your last scuba dive and your tandem skydive. You can skydive and then scuba dive however so if you'd like to do both,  consider booking your jump first*

*If you are over 95kg select 'tandem skydive > 95kg <110kg' or call 07 5599 1920 to book*