The Outback Explorer

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  • Duration: 6 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Brisbane, Archerfield, QLD
  • Product code: OUTBACK

Traditionally named Kati Chanda – Lake Eyre is located in South Australia just south of the Simpson Desert. The lake is 1 140 000 square kilometres and it's drainage basin extends all the way up to central Queensland, covering over 15% of the continent. The lake is divided by the Goyer Channel into a Northern and Southern lake, the lowest point being 15.2 metres below sea level. That is the lowest natural point in Australia. The maximum depth of Lake Eyre South however is just 3.7 metres deep, making it one of the more unique geological features of Australia.  

The Lake has been an important site for Aboriginal people for thousands of years. The lake is considered an important cultural site to the aboriginal / first nations people and because of the significance of this lake to them they are involved in its management and preservation.

In 1985 the Lake Eyre National Park was established. In 1967 Elliot Price of Muloorina Station donated the Elliot Price Conservation Area. This area is currently inaccessible to the public, but can be seen from the air. The whole conservation are and surrounding areas are absolutely magnificent to view from the air and it is an experience that is said to be remembered.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

An early breakfast and coffee at the Archerfield Jet Base is a refreshing start to a big first day! After departure watch the Great Dividing Range give way to the western plains and out to Carnarvon Gorge! After arrival enjoy a full day of adventures exploring the canyons and nature in the oasis of the desert! The evening is spent with a professional astronomer who has lived and guided in Carnarvon most of his life.

  • 2hrs flight time to Carnarvon Gorge QLD
  • One of the most beautiful remote gorges in Australia, and a little oasis in the desert. Hiking and exploring with the local bushwalking guide – a fun-filled day in nature. Astronomy in the evening with a beautiful locally-cooked dinner.

Day 2

Day 2 takes us to the beautiful and history-filled town of Longreach. The entertainment and museums here are widely agreed to be the best in the outback! The Stables is where you will be staying, but don’t let that fool you. These rooms have made the Salt Bush Retreats famous. Then spend the evening on the Thomson River, or by the fire listening to outback stories over a locally made dinner feast.

  • 2 hrs flight time to Longreach QLD
  • Very beautiful accommodation, food, Stockman’s Hall of Fame, QANTAS Founders Museum, Thomson River Cruise, Campfire Stories, all in a beautiful outback setting. Although this town is rather modern with museums and more built-up areas, the luxury is a welcome change from the more rustic themes on the rest of the trip.

Day 3

Day 3 is when we get to first see the wonders of Lake Eyre! But first, climb the largest sand dune in the world and enjoy a big lunch at the Birdsville Hotel. The evening is spent at the one-building-town of William Creek.

  • 2 hrs flight time to Birdsville QLD; and then 2hrs flight to William Creek SA
  • Iconic Birdsville Hotel, Big Red (largest sand dune in the world), and a full tour of the city and classic outback surroundings! (Shane is an awesome and fun guide who really does the area justice.) Lunch will be at the Birdsville Hotel before continuing the flight to the very small one-building town of William Creek! The flight (extended with scenic route deviations) will explore the Diamantina Lakes, Goyder Lagoon, Channel Country North of Lake Eyre, and the northern and central, water-filled parts of Lake Eyre. This will be an absolutely spectacular flight and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the flooding and expanses of water and birdlife.

Day 4

This 4th day takes us around the southern end of Lake Eyre and through this sparsely-populated region of the outback. We get a special treatment from the locals out here.

  • 2x 2hr flights, with a tour at Innamincka or other selected homestead. Spending the night at Cunnamulla or another small homestead nearby.
  • Highlights would be Cooper Creek, The Dig Tree, and more spectacular outback landscapes.

Day 5

This day is an easy one, with a fun short tour and lunch with a fuel stop before arriving back in Brisbane.

  • 3hrs flight time back to Archerfield in Brisbane with a short tour at lunch.