05Adventurous Start To An Evening" & FL Megazip Special Event

From AUD $89.00
  • Location: Aeroglen, Cairns, QLD
  • Product code: PAWKBD
Also known as the Frite Flites at Night. Join us for 2 night time rides to get the fun started before your evening out. With awesome views of Cairns International Airport and the Central Business District at night from our top station you can experience what few others have!
Riding at night offers a completely different sensation as a day ride does. With very little vision all concept of speed goes out the window. This is an all round more adrenaline inducing ride in the dark and can be booked for any day of the week subject to availability. Race the real flying foxes on our internationally unique Flying Leap Mega Ziplines and experience the thrills of Cairns Adventure Park now!

Pre-booking is required for a minimum of 5 people for the tour to operate by contacting 04 399 815 52 or 4053 3726 for any more information or to book your night time adventure. Join us if you dare!

Don’t be put off at all by Rain in
Cairns eg: the annual Wet Season is our “Green Season”, the rain is warm &
cooling from the tropical humidity so come down to CAP and enjoy another unique
Megazip Lines experience by “Wet Lining”/”Air Swimming” = You will love the


Wet Lining or Air Swimming googles
are available on request or most just wear their sunnies…

NB: The local sky dive guides were
first to do Wet Lining with us and as professionals even loved it as a great


Min weight 20kg max 115kg min height 1m